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Founded in 2015, The Startup Zone is a Bangalore-based firm dedicated to providing comprehensive support and guidance to entrepreneurs looking to establish and grow their businesses in India. With expertise in statutory registrations, intellectual property, legal documentation, accounting, and audit services, we empower startups by streamlining their regulatory compliance and enabling them to focus on their core business objectives.

At The Startup Zone, we understand the challenges faced by entrepreneurs when navigating the complex landscape of setting up and running a business in India. Our range of professional services is tailored to meet the unique needs of startups at every stage of their journey.
We at, The Startup Zone partner with Startups, Business Owners and Innovators, help focus on your goals by assisting you right from the Incorporation of the Business, Investment Advisory Services and much more. We are a service provider and facilitator of Legal, Chartered Accountancy and Company Secretary Work.
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At The Startup Zone, our brand archetype is the sage, reflecting our commitment to knowledge, wisdom, and intelligent guidance. Inspired by the remarkable qualities of dolphins, master communicators and intelligent mammals, our brand story captures the essence of connection, collaboration, and empowering entrepreneurs on their journey to success.
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Focus on your craft and leave the rest to TSZ. They helped our early stage startup save a lot of time on legal, finance and incorporating. Special thanks to Ms. Kokila, Mr. Abhishek Shetty and Mr. Abhishek srinivas for all the support.
pavan kumar
pavan kumar
16 September 2023
Very professional and effective team. They guided me throughout the incorporation process. The advisors are friendly and professional.
Shristi Suman
Shristi Suman
15 September 2023
They are real tech guru in Company compliance related issues, It’s been 7 years down the line we working with Startup zone now. Well trained team & professional approach towards all our queries and this people ready to work 24/7 for our queries related company compliance. I strongly recommend Starup zone for new company formation and secretarial services.
Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar
6 September 2023
very good response and followup from kokila madam , thank u very much
Sunil P
Sunil P
5 September 2023
“God for startup companies” Thank you so much kokila mam and Sharath sir for helping us with our business compliance 🎊
Rachit Ahuja (Rishu)
Rachit Ahuja (Rishu)
5 September 2023
Have taken shops and establishement licence . Got good response . Quick service . Thanks to startup zone . Looking forward .
Prescilla Mascarenhas
Prescilla Mascarenhas
5 September 2023
Very good service
Sunil N Simha
Sunil N Simha
5 September 2023

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Complete Legal, Accounting and Compliance Services for Startups and Established Businesses Your Complete Business Compliances – Taken Care

Why Startup Zone ?

  1. Expertise: Our team comprises experienced professionals in various domains, including company law, taxation, intellectual property, and legal compliance, ensuring comprehensive and accurate support.
  2. Tailored Solutions: We understand that each startup is unique. We provide personalized solutions that align with our clients’ specific requirements, ensuring maximum value and efficiency.
  3. Timely and Reliable Service: We prioritize prompt and reliable service delivery, meeting deadlines and ensuring compliance with regulatory timelines.
  4. Client-Centric Approach: We prioritize building long-term relationships with our clients, placing their interests and goals at the forefront of our services.
  5. End-to-End Support: From inception to growth, we offer a full spectrum of services to support startups at every stage of their journey, minimizing their administrative burdens and allowing them to focus on their core competencies.

As a trusted partner to startups, The Startup Zone empowers entrepreneurs by providing comprehensive support in business setup, statutory compliance, intellectual property protection, legal documentation, accounting, and audit services. With our expertise and client-centric approach, we aim to facilitate the growth and success of startups in India’s dynamic business ecosystem.


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Our Brand Story & What We Deliver

Incorporating the qualities of dolphins, master communicators and intelligent mammals, our brand story at The Startup Zone revolves around embracing wisdom, fostering connections, and empowering entrepreneurs. With the spirit of the dolphin, we guide startups towards success, enabling them to navigate the vast business ocean with intelligence, collaboration, and an unwavering commitment to their growth.

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